kidswaterSEAWA is glad to share a variety of items designed to engage kids of all ages in opportunities, tools and programs around water management and conservation.

This section features a variety of websites, videos, opportunities, tools and programs designed to help kids, parents and teachers share, discuss and learn about water management and conservation… around the following themes:

And the SEAWA MASCOT is…

During the spring and summer outreach activities, we have been tallying votes for the SEAWA mascot. The results are in and the Burrowing Owl has been named the winner!

We are delighted to welcome this little guy into the SEAWA family of characters and you can look forward to seeing him at public events and educational outings in the future.

Now, we just have to name him! Your suggestions are most welcome. Here are some possibilities to get you thinking: Whoolio, Wahoo, Hoodini…..

More insights about the Burrowing Owl: