SEAWA State of the Watershed Report


Overview of the South Saskatchewan River Basin


Climate Trends


Groundwater Resources

  • SEAWA Groundwater Report, 2011
  • Groundwater Indicators
  • Ground and Source Water Protection
  • Groundwater Maps
  • Historic Groundwater Levels


Surface Water Resources

  • Water Hydrology, Flow and Quantity
  • Water Quality Monitoring on the mainstem of the South Saskatchewan River
  • Water Quality
  • River Water Quality Index
  • pH, turbidity, oxygen
  • Phosphorus – total and dissolved
  • Nitrogen
  • Suspended Solids
  • Bacteria: E. coli
  • Regulatory Standards for Recreational Water
  • Water Quality and Quantity Trends on the South Saskatchewan River
  • Historical discharge records and trends
  • Master Agreement on Apportionment – Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
  • River and Stream Inflow Needs
  • Municipal Water Treatment, Wastewater and Stormwater
  • Agriculture and Water
  • Water Use and Supply
  • Water Licensing, Allocation and Use
  • Water Allocations and Use – definitions
  • Dams and Diversions
  • Floods and Dought

Habitat Assessment


Protected Areas


Agriculture and Irrigation


Land-use Planning


Sustainability and the Community


Next Steps for the Watershed

Watershed Reports

The information, pictures and data in the SEAWA State of the Watershed Report and the 2011 Summary Report was developed by a team of researchers. SEAWA acknowledges the following researchers for their contributions to SEAWA Watershed Reports, Watershed Profiles and Summaries:

Land Use Reports