There currently exists some significant (and several minor) data and information gaps for the indicator relating to Land Cover and Land Use.


The focus of the indicator for Land Cover and Use will be on:

While the data sets and layers to be used for this indicator are still being determined, the goal is to eventually include impacts associated with soil loss, and forestry and stream crossings.


Land Use Management and Water Quality

One of the key SEAWA initiatives is land use management in relation to water quality. As such, future efforts and programs will emphasize education, implementation of best management practices, and targeted development with a focus on:

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Alberta Land Use Framework

The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP) was developed over three phases of consultation with Albertans, a wide variety of stakeholders, municipalities, government and advice from the South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council. Regional planning is an ongoing, collaborative process. Once a regional plan is developed and effective, it is implemented as a part of a larger integrated resource management system. A regional plan is reviewed every five and 10 years to evaluate its ongoing effectiveness and relevance to the region.


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