Plants and trees are vitally important to the health of the watershed on all levels.
foto8cThey are essential to the health of ecosystems and their functions, biodiversity and economics. They also help with climate regulation, the cycling and distribution of nutrients, and the provision of raw materials and resources.

Plants and trees cleanse the air and provide oxygen, help soil retain water, shield animals and other plants from the sun and other elements, and provide habitat for animals and plants. They also help to regulate the climate, cycle and distribute nutrients and provide raw materials and other resources. And don’t forget the awesome beauty they give us throughout each year!

While the ecoregion of the SSRSB is primarily prairie mixed grassland, there is a wide variety of plants and tree throughout the region. For example, in the Cypress Hills region, four distinct habitats and a climate more moderate than the prairies make this a park exceptionally rich in plant and animal life. Eighteen species of orchids are among the more than 700 species of plants that thrive here.

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