July 15, 2019By

We are happy to announce we recently completed our riparian areas restoration project!

A total of 5 km riparian area was restored during the period April 1, 2018 to April 15, 2019. Restoration work consisted of fencing (3.7 km) to manage livestock access to riparian areas, and planting of 2,315 native shrubs and trees. Cash contribution from the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Programme was $71,157. The total contribution from other sources including cash and in-kind was $147,052, of which $85,055 was from the South East Alberta Watershed Alliance Society (SEAWA). The cost of restoration came to $43,642 per km or $44 per m. Riparian restoration work involved partnerships with landowners, contributions from organizations, and on-the-ground work mainly done by SEAWA staff and hired help, and occasional volunteers.

View the final report here.