Board and Committees

Board of Directors

Officers - Current Year

Seawa Board Member:  Ryan Davison - Chair

Ryan Davison is resource engineering technologist who worked with Agriculture Canada – PFRA for 32 years where he was involved in various watershed projects with SEAWA and MRWCC. Since 2015, he has done freelance consulting relating to groundwater mapping, surface water inventory and water quality issues in South Alberta. A “prairie boy” at heart, he understands that building local capacity around water is essential to a healthy, sustainable resource.

Ryan Davison

Seawa Board Member:  Tina Regehr - Secretary

Tina Regehr

Seawa Board Member:  Chris Howells - Treasurer

Chris Howells


Directors - Current Year

Seawa Board Member:  Ron Linowski - Outdoor Recreation & Eco-Tourism

Ron Linowski

Outdoor Recreation & Eco-Tourism
Seawa Board Member:  Mike Zmurchyk - Licensee Irrigators

Mike is employed with St. Mary River Irrigation District as the Assistant Manager of Operations East, operating out of the Bow Island office.

Mike Zmurchyk

Licensee Irrigators
Seawa Board Member:  Greg Paxman - Urban Municipal Government

Greg grew up on a farm in Southeastern Saskatchewan and moved to Medicine Hat in 2003 to begin working for the City of Medicine Hat at the water treatment plant. Greg has over 20 years of experience treating drinking water and is currently employed as the Water Treatment Plant Superintendent for the City of Medicine Hat.

Greg Paxman

Urban Municipal Government
Seawa Board Member:  Martha Munz-Gue - Members-at-Large

Martha Munz-Gue

Seawa Board Member:  Stuart Murray - Agriculture

Stuart Murray

Seawa Board Member:  Amber Zary - Provincial Government

Works in Parks and Recreation for the City of Medicine Hat

Amber Zary

Provincial Government
Seawa Board Member:  Jean Bériault - Industry

Jean Bériault

Seawa Board Member:  Clay Bos - Academic Institutions

Clay Bos

Academic Institutions

Any SEAWA member may run for a seat on the board of directors.

Board membership categories are as follows:

  • Land Resource Industry (Agriculture, Industry)
  • Licensee Members (Irrigators, Non-Irrigators)
  • Municipal Government Members (Rural, Urban)
  • Outdoor Recreation and Eco-Tourism
  • Environmental Non-Government Organization
  • Provincial Government (AEP, AAF)
  • Federal Government
  • Members-at-Large
  • Indigenous / Aboriginal Groups
  • Academic Institutions


Executive Committee

  • Ryan Davison (Chair)
  • Chris Howells (Treasurer)
  • Tina Regehr (Secretary)

Technical Committee

Chair: Karen Saffran

Communications Committee

Chair: Martha Munz-Gue

Policy Committee

Chair: Audrey Goodwin

Previous Years' Board Members

The SEAWA Board and staff wish to recognize previous board members for their contributions and hard work, and wish them well on their future endeavors.

Board of Directors

2019 – 2020

  • Garry Lentz (Chair)
  • Mike Zmurchyk
  • Alf Belyea
  • Diane Harty
  • Greg Paxman
  • Greg Heebner
  • Tina Regehr (Secretary)
  • Janelle Villeneuve
  • Audrey Goodwin
  • Karen Saffran (Treasurer)
  • Olivia Sederberg
  • Brent Smith
  • Ryan Davison (Vice-Chair)
  • Stuart Murray (Past Chair)       

Board of Directors

2018 – 2019

  • Garry Lentz (Chair)
  • Sandy Vanderburgh (Vice-Chair)
  • Olivia Sederbeg (Treasurer)
  • Ron Linowski (Secretary)
  • Stuart Murray (Past Chair)
  • Alf Belyea
  • Audrey Goodwin
  • Diane Harty
  • Gary Franz
  • Greg Heebner
  • Janelle Villeneuve
  • John Michalopoulous
  • Karen Saffran
  • Ryan Davison

Board of Directors

2017 – 2018

  • Garry Lentz (Chair)
  • Sandy Vanderburgh (Vice-Chair)
  • Gary Franz
  • John Michalopoulos
  • Ron Linowski (Secretary)
  • Vanessa Linowski
  • Stuart Murray (Past Chair)
  • Janelle Villeneuve
  • Jim Babe
  • Audrey Goodwin
  • Karen Saffran
  • Olivia Sederberg
  • Daygan Fowler
  • Allison Campbell (Treasurer)
  • Rolan Kappel
  • Ron McMullin
  • Russell Krasnuik

Thank you to all who have been involved in SEAWA's board and committees over the years!