Community Engagement

SEAWA thrives on the efforts, knowledge, and interest of its stakeholders - all of us who live, work, and play in the SEAWA watershed. Together we build and strengthen relationships among different sectors - economic, social, and environmental. We educate, provide information, and promote awareness about watershed health. We create interest among stakeholders to join and/or support SEAWA in these various activities. Together, we find solutions to watershed issues we identified. A healthy watershed is essential to human health and well-being.

SEAWA's community engagement activities tie directly in to our ability to expand our knowledge of the watershed. By getting the community involved in our stewardship work, we are able to learn and do more. Learn about SEAWA model for community engagement below:

The SEAWA Model: A Circular Pathway to Community Action

Stewardship and applied research projects have proven to be effective educational tools (demonstration sites), credible sources of new and directly relevant water and watershed knowledge to educate stakeholders about and effective means of promoting SEAWA and motivating people to volunteer for SEAWA and its initiatives.

Education leads to awareness, which in turn leads to action. One cares about what one understands. This applies to actions on watershed stewardship -- water, land, air, ecosystems, and overall biodiversity. Stewardship actions bring people together to share knowledge and resources and to join or support not-for-profit organizations such as SEAWA.

Watch SEAWA's video recognizing and promoting the importance of partnerships with landowners for riparian restoration projects:

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Community Work Events

Each year, during spring (Earth Day celebration) and fall (National Forest Week and World Rivers Day celebrations) SEAWA organizes volunteer shoreline clean-up and/or invasive species removal events.

2021 - 2022

2020 - 2021

Field Tours

Field tours are part of SEAWA's educational activities, and serve to strengthen the knowledge learned from our publications.

2021 - 2022

2020 - 2021

Urban Pollinator Garden

In the summer of 2020, SEAWA summer staff planted a pollinator garden with native prairie wildflowers in an attempt to attract more pollinators and help beautify downtown Medicine Hat. There has been a growing concern about the declining bee population in North America and planting bee-friendly garden is encouraged. In the fall we expanded the garden and planted native prairie wildflowers collected by SEAWA staff and board members. We seeded milkweed, golden and white asters, blazing star, sunflower, Gaillardia, yarrow, coneflower, beardtongue, sneezeweed, brown-eyed Susan, Canada goldenrod, and many more.

The garden is located by the sidewalk of Macleod Trail at the corner of 4th St SE. We are looking forward to a beautiful flowerbed hosting bees. This initiative is in partnership with the owner of the Arcade Plaza building where the SEAWA office is located.


SEAWA's educational publications are accessible here, as well as project reports, experiment results, and useful resources from other sources.

Educational Forums

Normally, SEAWA holds educational forums twice a year; in spring and fall. Announcements for upcoming educational forums are distributed through our mailing list. Presentations from previous forums are available here!

For Kids!

Here are some educational resources for children and youth:

Community & Partner Events

At community events, SEAWA has booths filled with educational materials, project information, natural specimens, and games for children. Additionally, SEAWA is involved in various events such as science fairs and nature walks.

Networking Events

SEAWA staff and members participate in conferences, workshops, summits, forums, webinars, and consultations to share knowledge, provide feedback and learn about water, watersheds, and environmental sustainability.

Social Media

SEAWA regularly provides updates of its activities and shares water, watershed, and environmental sustainability knowledge and news through social media using Facebook and Twitter. Follow us!


SEAWA was a recipient of the City of Medicine Hat's Community Spirit Award in 2019.