Why Donate?

Donations contribute to SEAWA's ability to maintain a healthy watershed

The South East Alberta Watershed Alliance Society is a registered not-for-profit society. As one of the eleven Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPAC) in Alberta, it receives an annual grant from the provincial government to meet basic cost of operations – an office, administrative/ overhead costs, and two permanent employees. Wage subsidies provided through the Government of Canada or non-government organization programs allow for the temporary employment of youth (summer students and/or interns).

SEAWA’s watershed projects and educational work rely on outside funding from grants and donations. 

To see us in action, watch our video:

Cash donations are welcome, as are donations of field tools (tree planter shovels, trash pickers, pruning shears, buckets), scientific equipment (portable field meters and sampling equipment), supplies (work gloves, latex gloves, sun hats, goggles, materials for building shrub cages), laboratory space, storage space, and expertise. Contact us for more information.

Additionally, you may like to grow your own trees or shrubs to be planted at our sites. This can be done by harvesting native seed and growing it, or by propagating cuttings of native trees or shrubs. Propagation through cuttings is very easy to do outdoors in the spring and summer, or indoors year round! SEAWA is always happy to accept young plants such as these, and will utilize any donated native plants in our restoration projects.

Learn more about native plant propagation here!

Please send cash donations by cheque to: 

South East Alberta Watershed Alliance, Rm 41, 419 – 3rd St. SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A0G9.

For all other donations, please send us an email at, talk to our staff directly at 403-580-8980, schedule a virtual meeting, or schedule an in-person meeting at the SEAWA office.

Donations are most welcome, and greatly appreciated. Your support makes a difference.

Thank you!